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Our last OFSTED Inspection was on the 28th June 2013.
You can see a summary of the inspectors' findings here or follow the link below to view the complete report.

Prior to this, we were inspected on 16th January 2012, when we were also rated as Outstanding. To view the 2012 report, click this link.

The quality and standards of the early years provision

This provision is outstanding

• Children are highly motivated and independent learners who make exceptional progress in all areas of their learning and development.
Excellent planning and assessment enables staff to monitor and assess children's abilities effectively to promptly identify and address any achievement gaps.
Extremely strong partnerships with parents and others professionals support staff to provide cohesive, consistent care. Staff prepare children exceptionally well for their move to school.
• The superb resources and thoughtful organisation of the environment significantly enhance children's learning and development.
Children thoroughly enjoy the time they spend at the nursery and develop exceptional social skills and self-esteem.

How well the early years provision meets the needs of the range of children who attend

Dynamic and inspiring teaching methods result in outstanding achievements for all children.

Children eagerly join in the activities staff plan, learning from experience that these are likely to be interesting and fun.

The vibrant nursery environment is alive with laughter and animated discussions

The arrangements to promote children's literacy are extraordinarily effective. The highly effective strategies used by staff to support children's early literacy skills mean that a significant amount of the children are able to read and write some words.

Staff are equally successful in promoting children's mathematical development.

Children love to engage in physical games both indoor and outside. They take part in spontaneous dancing sessions, enjoy pop music on CDs as well as dancing along to nursery rhymes.

Staff are fully aware of each child's interests, abilities and learning styles. They liaise very effectively with parents to involve them in their child's future learning.

The contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of children

Staff support children's emotional well-being with great sensitivity and children demonstrate genuine affection for their trusted carers.

The key person roles are exceptionally well established. Each child is allocated a member of staff who takes lead responsibility for meeting their needs. These nurturing relationships help children to feel safe and secure.

Children are wonderfully friendly and behave extremely well.

Their high levels of achievement, excellent social skills and self-confidence prepare children exceptionally well for their move to school.

Children play and learn in an extremely attractive, hygienic environment. The very thoughtful organisation of both the indoor and outdoor environments allows a broad range of activities to take place at the same time.

Children receive support to learn the importance of healthy eating and have drinks available for them to reach at all times.

The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early years provision

Strong leadership, along with highly effective team working, results in a harmonious and highly efficient environment.

Excellent arrangements are in place to monitor the success of educational programmes. In addition, regular staff supervision ensures consistent practice across the nursery.

Regular consultation with parents helps staff to ensure that the service they offer constantly evolves.

Robust arrangements are in place to promote children's safety. Recruitment procedures include rigorous vetting to ensure staff suitability.

The manager and deputy demonstrate a good understanding of all safeguarding procedures, which helps to effectively promote children's welfare.

Parents are very vocal in their praise and support of the nursery and the staff team. In feedback given during the inspection, they speak about the 'amazing' achievements their children make.

Our OFSTED report in full

Our new report is now available on the OFSTED website.
Click here to view the full report on the OFSTED website.