Nursery Rhymes

How well children's language and comunication develops depends on all of us. Parents, carers, teachers, family. We would like to invite all parents to join us in a 'Rhyme Challenge'.
We've created some animated nursery rhymes with music and words which you can share with your children. Try a couple of these each day alongside your usual songs and stories from books, CDs or elsewhere. Click on a song from below to get started.

Your child's speech, language and communication skills

Bear in mind that each rhyme your child sings with you will be a milestone in their speech, language and communication skills.
Your children will love to sing along with you, watch the animation and perform the actions of the songs.

These singalong rhymes are an extension of Rhyme Challenge, a Bookstart initiative, linked to ECAT (Every Child A Talker).
For more about ECAT, follow this link.