Theme: Nursery Rhymes

Please note that this is but a guideline to the theme we will be following for the next few weeks.  As always we ask for your valuable contribution in supporting your child’s learning.  This list is not exhaustive.  We may not do all the activities or we may do more.  It all depends how the theme progresses and how we observe the children and meet their interests and needs.

Activities and learning objectives

Activities to complete a six-week topic based on nursery rhymes. The main learning objectives are to gain awareness of rhyme and alliteration used in popular nursery rhymes.


+ Humpty Dumpty
+ Mary had a little lamb
+ Sing a song of sixpence
+ Hickory dickory dock
+ Incey wincey spider
+ Mary, Mary, quite contrary

Humpty Dumpty

Activity: Humpty Dumpty
Main learning intentions - To make a picture using a variety of different shapes
Vocabulary - Humpty dumpty, egg, oval, rectangle, triangle, circle
Resources - Paper cut into large oval shapes (approx. A4 size), shape templates, crayons, glue, scissors, pencils, backing paper, wool, and scraps of material

Activity: 'E' is for egg
Main learning intentions - Begin to form recognisable letters
Vocabulary - Initial letter sounds, rice, write
Resources - Trays, rice, books, name cards


Mary Had a Little Lamb

Activity: 'L' is for little and lamb
Main learning intentions - To recognise some initial sounds
Vocabulary - Words beginning with the sound 'L'
Resources - Books, paper, pencils

Activity: Picture of a lamb
Main learning intentions - To use scissors with increasing skill
Vocabulary - Lamb, sheep, wool, fleece, curl
Resources - Backing paper, white paper, pencils, two oval templates (one larger than the other, approx 10cm long and 5 cm long), scissors, glue


Sing a Song of Sixpence

Activity: Blackbirds in a pie
Main learning intentions - To use scissors with increasing skill
Vocabulary - Numbers up to 24, blackbirds, piecrust, beak
Resources - Backing paper, brown paper, strips of white paper (approx. 2cm wide), black paint, scissors, and wooden block with round end for printing, plate, and pencils.

Activity: Counting Money
Main learning intentions - To begin to count and to recognise some numerals
Vocabulary - Numbers up to 10, penny, money, buy, change, cost
Resources - Play money, shop, pencils, paper.

Activity: Bread and honey
Main learning intentions - To learn where honey comes from
Vocabulary - Bread, honey, bees, beehive, spread, honeycomb, nectar
Resources - Loaf of bread, jar of honey, plastic knives, pictures of honeycombs and bees.

Activity: Clothes Line Names
Main learning intentions - To recognise the letters in their name and put them into order
Vocabulary - Initial sounds, names, washing line, peg, hang, order
Resources - Washing line, clothes pegs, name cards, individual letters of names on pieces of paper.

Hickory Dickory Dock

Activity: Mouse Puppet
Main learning intentions - To use resources to make a puppet
Vocabulary - Mouse, sock, ears, nose, eyes, whiskers
Resources - Old socks, paper, scissors, short lengths of string, glue, stapler.

Activity: Paper Plate Clock
Main learning intentions - To begin to recognise numerals 1 to 12
Vocabulary - Numbers to 12, clock, face, hands, fingers, time
Resources - Paper plates, split pins, thin card, scissors, pencils or felt tips, a clock with numbers.

Activity: Play Dough
Main learning intentions - To make models using play dough
Vocabulary - Mouse, roll, squeeze, pinch, stretch
Resources - Play dough, modelling tools
Explore malleable materials by patting, stroking, poking, squeezing, pinching and twisting them.
Use simple tools to effect changes to the materials.

Activity: Mouse Mask
Main learning intentions - To use imagination in art and design
Vocabulary - Mouse, ears, eyes, nose, whiskers
Resources - A paper plate for each child with eyeholes cut into it to correspond with the child’s eyes, scissors, stapler, straws or art straws, glue, paints, paper, elastic or wool for fastening to child.

Incey Wincey Spider

Activity: Down The Spout
Main learning intentions - To experiment with volume and capacity
Vocabulary - Pour, fill, empty, full, more, less, bigger, smaller
Resources - Water in water tray or bowls, various plastic bottles, funnels, jugs, tubes, pipes etc.

Activity: Evaporation
Main learning intentions - Question why things happen, and give explanations
Vocabulary - Evaporation, dry, wet, disappear, vanish
Resources - Water, large paint brushes, slabs or concrete outside on a warm day, chalk.

Activity: Play Dough Spiders
Main learning intentions - To count up to 8
Vocabulary - Legs, numbers up to 8, spider, roll
Resources - Play dough, modelling tools

Activity: Looking for 'S' sounds
Main learning intentions - To recognise words beginning with the letter 'S'
Vocabulary - Words beginning with the letter 'S'
Resources - Books, pictures, objects around the room or outside beginning with the ‘s’ sound.

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Activity: Flower Picture
Main learning intentions - To use imagination in art and design
Vocabulary - Names of shapes, flower, stalk, centre, leaf, petal
Resources - Backing paper, tissue shapes, crepe paper, buttons and sequins, straws or art straws, glue.

Activity: Cockle Shells
Main learning intentions - To make rubbings from different textures
Vocabulary - Rough, smooth, pattern, rub
Resources - Paper cut into the shape of large shells, wax crayons, large shells if possible, corrugated cardboard.

Please do not hesitate to contact me: with any questions, offers of help etc.